Streamline Business Purchasing

Track & manage every step of the procurement process including requisitions, purchase orders, received goods and vendor invoices.
  • Every step of the purchasing process at your finger tips. Increase transparency.
  • Save time & money by speeding up the purchasing cycle. No more searching for mis-placed documents. No more getting inundated by things to do.
  • Simplify your procurement with live tracking of all activity: requisitions, purchase orders, approvals and vendor payments.

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No more paper. No more errors.

Move from a paper & spreadsheet based purchasing workflow to an easy cloud-based paperless system.
  • Stamp out errors and delays due to lost documents.
  • Scan & attach your documents such as received vendor invoices etc. Store them where they belong. Never lose them again.
  • The system maintains a record of all activity related to purchasing. Access it at your finger tips.

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Eliminate Fraud. Implement Security Safeguards.

Enhance the transparency of your purchasing process.
  • The system automatically tracks who is responsible for every step of the purchasing process.
  • Setup proper approval procedure to eliminate unauthorized spending.
  • Wipe out false invoicing for products and suppliers who do not exist. Very much a possibility with a paper-based system.

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Budget Management for small businesses.

Track budget at every step of purchasing. Control wasteful expenditure.
  • Supervise budgets by departments and users. Eliminate maverick spending.
  • Stamp out duplicate and unnecessary expenditure.
  • Figure out how each dollar is being spent.

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