Create Requisitions from your Product Catalog

Users can easily request items from your product catalog.
  • Setup your product catalog with approved suppliers. Eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Users can specify the time frame in which they need the items. Allows for measuring the efficiency of your procurement process.
  • Users get notified of the progress of procurement. Easily keep everyone posted of the situation. Eliminate user frustration searching for paper copies of requisitions.

Aggregate Requisitions and Create Purchase Orders

Aggregate Requisitions into Purchase Orders. Leverage Volume Discounts from your Suppliers.
  • Jetprocure offers a one-click aggregation of requisitions into purchase orders automatically thus saving your procurement department time.
  • Automatic vendor selection based on approved vendor lists and best quality and prices.
  • Tweak the automatically created purchase order to your satisfaction. Add or remove items, change prices, etc.

Submit Purchase Order for Approval

Approval rules help make your purchasing stay within budget. And eliminate maverick spending.
  • Use the flexible approval rule manager to setup approval rules mirroring your business objectives.
  • Jetprocure applies these rules automatically to route the purchase order to the correct approvers. A real time-saver when purchasing on a tight schedule.
  • We also offer proxy-approval to allow super users to approve on behalf of others. Your purchasing does not grind to a half if one or more approvers are unavailable.

Send the PO to the vendor in one-click

Email the Purchase Order to the vendor contact in one-click.
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced purchase orders.
  • Send the purchase order from within the system. No need to fire up your email client, attach the purchase order document, etc.
  • Get confirmation of vendor delivery. Rest assured that your order is shipping soon.

Receiving the goods is just as easy

Match received goods against the purchase order. Eliminate duplicate billing and invoicing mistakes.
  • Complete or partial receiving allows you and the vendor flexibility in receiving.
  • The system automatically tracks previously received items and due items. Saves your procurement department headaches.

Pay your suppliers promptly. Avail early payment discounts

Get alerted about pending payments. View available early payment discounts at a glance.
  • Match received goods against the received vendor invoice. Eliminate duplicate billing.
  • Manage vendor relationships effectively by paying vendor invoices on time.

Streamline your business procurement today.

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